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Practice in state and municipal procurement


Legislation on the contractual system is, if not the most, then one of the fastest growing branches of law. The lawyers of the firm advise in the field of state and municipal procurements, as they have considerable experience in this sector.

The unique specifics of the bureau in the sphere of state and municipal procurements is the presence of specialists - descendants of the contractual service of the state customer of the federal level, as well as experience in working on behalf of suppliers

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Most frequently services

Advising customers and procurement participants on the application of legislation on the contracting system

Appealing against the actions of clients to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (OFAS)

Preparation of documents required in the course of the life cycle of a purchase (documentation of the purchase procedure, application for participation in the purchase procedure, request for clarification of documentation, minutes of disagreement, claims during the execution of the contract, response to claims, decisions to cancel the contract, etc., as well as legal due diligence of documents)

Representation of the client's interests before the antimonopoly authority in the course of review of inclusion into the RNP, as well as appealing against the decisions rendered by the antimonopoly authority

Support of unilateral refusal by the supplier (contractor, executor) from the contract (evaluation of the prospects of termination of the contract, preparation of notice of refusal from the contract)

Support of a unilateral refusal by the customer to fulfill a contract (evaluation of the prospects of terminating the contract, development of a strategy for interaction between the supplier (contractor, executor) and the customer)

Challenging in court the client's decision to refuse the performance of the contract, etc.

Challenging in court the decisions and instructions of antimonopoly authorities

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