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Praktika Law Office unites the masters of jurisprudence. For us law means a constant improvement of our professional qualities in order to build an effective strategy for protecting the interests of the client. Our team has unique expertise in IT, construction, aviation, investments, real estate, science, education, e-commerce and energy.

With an expert level of litigation and administrative representation, we take on a limited number of projects. This approach to work allows us to achieve the best results for our clients.

Our mission is quality legal support focused on results.


Working with small and
medium-sized business since 2015
Consulting media and publishing
analytical reviews
Maintaining confidentiality
when working with clients

Our services

Geography of projects

We provide clients with legal support throughout Russia and abroad. Specialists in individual legal areas, practicing in many Russian regions, are involved in the implementation of projects. Partnerships make it possible to provide legal support, including in foreign jurisdictions. When working on clients' international projects, our lawyers enlist the support of experts with a high level of knowledge of the legislation of a particular country.

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Customer reviews

Helix-Kolomna Ltd.


General Director
Kroer E.V.

LLC "Techintel"

General Director
Zhestkov E.G.


Union President
Bulaeva N.A.

Creative Agency

General Director
Rybnikova V.V.


General Director
Ruban I.A.


General Director
Karuzin MV.

"" LLC

General Director
Karmaza V.V.

Silver Home Ltd.

General Director
Kozhukhova I.A.

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