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Antimonopoly practice


Every year, antitrust laws become "tougher," the penalties for violating them become more severe, and the violation can cause substantial damage to a company operating in good faith in the marketplace.

For many years, the specialists of the bureau have been successfully implementing a range of specialized services

Практика: Юридическое бюро

Most frequently services

Development of a legal strategy to support a cartel case

Developing a legal strategy for handling a case of vertical agreements and other agreements restricting competition

Advising the clients and participants of the procurement on the application of procurement law

Legal audit and preparation of bids from a consolidated participant

Development and legal audit of antimonopoly compliance

Supporting clients in audits by antimonopoly authorities

Challenging the results of tenders under the legislation on privatization of state (municipal) property

Representation of interests of principals on other aspects of cooperation with the antimonopoly authority (execution of requests of the antimonopoly authority, obtaining clarifications, etc.)

Representation of interests of the principal in antitrust disputes in court and out of court, etc.

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