November, 2020

What is "debt help"?

September, 2020

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Bankruptcy practice


Bankruptcy law is a separate legal branch, complicated by many legal and economic nuances. To date, the office has developed a practice that takes on a wide range of services.

The bureau's specialists participated in supporting bankruptcy procedures by creditors, debtors and bankruptcy trustees, including the Deposit Insurance Agency

Практика: Юридическое бюро

Most frequently services

Analysis of information about the debtor's financial condition

Preparation and filing of a petition for debtor's bankruptcy

Preparation and filing of application for inclusion on the creditor claims register

Participation in meetings/committees of creditors

Participation in court proceedings to check the validity of debtor's insolvency petitions, the application for one or another bankruptcy procedure, the inclusion of claims on the creditor claims register

Challenging debtor's transactions on general and specific grounds, as well as representing a debtor's counterparty in separate disputes on challenging its transactions

Appealing against actions and omissions of the arbitration manager

Bringing persons controlling a debtor to subsidiary liability, etc.

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