Denis Dubovik

Denis Dubovik

Executive Partner


  • litigation
  • bankruptcy

Denis Dubovik’s achievements as a member of the "Практика" team:

- protected interests of a small business enterprise in its consumer dispute with a customer - the head of the group of companies of the Forbes-200 list. He managed to prove the plaintiff’s abuse of right and reduce the amount of penalties in court for the construction contract delay by more than 15 million rubles. (i.e. 90%);

- a successful appeal to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of the Moscow City Court decision on the liquidation of the NGO “Stop Ham” (according to the APC of the Russian Federation). As a result the judgment was reversed, the public organization was reinstated to the Register and resumed its activity;

- judicial protection of the exclusive trademark right of the German company-producer, violated by the parallel import of its goods in the Russian Federation;

- monitored bankruptcy of a company that had a debt exceeding 400 million rubles;

- along with Ilya Kirillov and the "Практика" law bureau team 8 bankruptcy cases, 15 antitrust disputes, and 82 court cases have been resolved for 3 years.

In 2012, he graduated from the Russian Academy of Justice under the Supreme Court and the Supreme Arbitrazh Court (civil law specialization). In 2015 - the European Studies Institute MGIMO (U) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (specialization Law of the European Union).

He started his career in 2011 as an intern at the Directorate of the professional participants’ activities regulation in the securities market of the Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia  Central Office. In 2012, he continued to work as a judge assistant of the judicial division for civil cases of the Moscow City Court appeals instance. In 2014 he moved from a state service to a law firm and defended its interests in courts. During his work he took part in more than 100 court sessions. He participated in bankruptcy cases considerations of banking organizations and medium-sized industrial enterprises. He participated in protecting interests of both creditors and debtors in those projects including  separate and related disputes.

In May 2015 along with Ilya Kirillov he founded "Практика" law bureau.

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